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Filter stories by user

Ben Casey 10 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 10 years ago 1
It would be handy to be able to filter a list of stories by user type, so we can get an idea of the user journey for a theme or sprint.
Under review

Upload of screen shots (etc.)

Ea Andersen 9 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 9 years ago 2
Thank you for a great product that we are currently testing to see if this is something we will continue to use. One "annoyance", though: we have become quite used to being able to upload images - typically a screen shot - of a problematic issue. This greatly helps the understanding of the problem or what needs to be developed. For us it is not a solution to simply link to somewhere else (externally) - it would be really good to have a simple file upload functionality.
Ok, this is something people have asked for before, however with a free service it will cost us a fair amount of money to host these images.  We'd probably need to start charging before we could support that.  Do you think a small monthly fee is something you'd be willing to pay, say $10-15 a month if we continued to develop the product?
Under review

Add a column into backlog

Sanford Dickert 10 years ago updated by CMJ 5 years ago 4
If I want to have a different metric I want to track via (e.g., KPI 1, KPI 2), how can I add it to the Backlog?
Hi Sanford

I am not sure I understand what you mean by "track by another metric".  Can you explain a bit more and I will see if I can help?



Has there been any update on updating a story from the sprint view and the naming of sprints

Weener 8 years ago 0
Taking a look at new stand alone scrum tools for client-side meetings and whilst this does appear very easy to understand, the ability to update a story from the sprint view and the naming of sprints are a big miss. 

Other than navigating the backlog or using the browser find function I could not see an easy method of locating items quickly. 

As these items were on your backlog a while back, I'm hoping you've already implemented a solution that I have been unable to find or you have one due imminently. 

Date Heading DDMMYY with $

Peter Diamond 8 years ago 0
An amazing product, The best i have come across for simpliciltly. Can you add Australian English into the system. Dinot worry about the language side, its more that we can get the D/MM/YY format and use $ not pounds sterling here in New Zealand.
Under review

stories printout collate order?

Michael Terkowski 10 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 10 years ago 2

Can we add an option to print out stories on one-sided printers? double-sided printers are not necessarily available at all offices.

We could print out alternating pages of stories and acceptance criteria, as long as the order of the stories is the same on the story page and the acceptance criteria page. After printing, we usually cut and staple both pieces together.

Hi Michael

If you print out using a single sided printer, are you not able to simply cut out the cards and glue to each other?  I was under the impression that if you didn't have a double sided printer, it would print twice the number of pages, but you could simply take the back page and glue to the front page, and then cut.  Is that not the case?

Under review

gherkin language for acceptance criteria

Helton Moraes 7 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 7 years ago 3

Currently the acceptance criteria are an ordered list. It would be better, IMO, if they [optionally] follow the gherkin format: "given (preconditions), when (events), then (verifiable effect).


Estimated vs actual time

Sophie-Kim Chapman 11 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 11 years ago 1
Thanks for the beta invitation! I'm having problems understanding how to deal with estimated versus actual time when managing stories in sprints. It seems I can edit the "score" at any stage before "done", but how does this relate to the original estimate?
The way easyBacklog works is that at the start of a sprint, a snapshot of the entire backlog is automatically taken.  So any changes you make to the estimated points will be reflected in the burn up charts, and any snapshot comparisons you view between the current version and the snapshot made at the start of that sprint.  Therefore, there is not really a concept of actual, rather just a concept of points for that story which can be compared at any stage.  

You can use the compare snapshot functionality easily by rolling over snapshots in the top right, and clicking compare snapshots.  In the snapshot drop drops that appear, you will see the Sprints that have been started listed, so you can compare the current version with any sprint, or even compare any sprint versus any other sprint.

Also, if you view the Stats tab, you will see that in the burn up chart you have added/removed points based on the shift of estimated points at the start of the sprint versus the points at the start of the next sprint.

Does that answer your question?

tabbing only works AFTER you've input first user

Peter Saddington 11 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 11 years ago 1
i thought tabbing worked right off bat.

but it seems that it only works after you've input a user FIRST... then click back, and tab works.

i'm running chrome latest build as of 2012/01/04
Hi Peter

Apologies for that.  We introduced that bug today whilst fixing an IE9 issue, and our Continuous Integration server failed to notify us of the problem.  So 2 issues in one caused the problem.

Anyway, I am glad to say the problem is now fixed.

Thanks so much for notifying us.


link to internal ticket system

Roger Stich 10 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 10 years ago 3
As a product owner i want to track the details of the user stories and related problems in our internal ticket system currently planned in the sprint to use the whole bandwhith of possible infos and let easybacklog be a planning tool.

I try to explain a bit further, additional infos like screenshots logfiles and other stuff we place in our internal ticket system. So every user story has a ticket number in our internal ticket system. I want a possibility to link from easybacklog to our system (simple link). Currently i write it into the comment field but this is not shown in sprint view.