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Refresh Backlog

Roger Stich 8 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 8 years ago 0
Hi again,

if you do the following steps:

- take any userstorie and assign it to an sprint of your choice
- filter the backlog for stories not assigned to a sprint
- go to sprint view and remove the storie from the sprint there
- go back to the filtered backlog view.

The userstory is not visible because the backlog doesnt refresh even if its changed through myself.

my suggestion is to give the user an button for refreshing the backlog.
Or maybe some message?

Sure u have F5 but you have to know that you have to refresh.

Maybe another solution, i just think that you have to rethink the current caching mechanism, its drawbacks from a user point of view.
Hi Roger

This is now fixed, any updates to your sprint or stories are replicated in realtime to your filtered list.

Please shout if you spot any issues with this.

Under review

Sprint name & rename!

Layne Sadler 5 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 5 years ago 1
Hey there! Love your product! Way simpler than JIRA.

I did not see an easy way to name sprints. This is the most fun part of agile!

  • As a user I would like to give a sprint a name when creating and editing sprint settings
  • As a user I would like to be able to see and quickly edit sprint names on the tabs

My teams do different themes like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Movies. Usually you go in alphabetical order. First sprint = Avengers, Second Sprint = Batman Beyond, etc.

Can you explain the recommended distinctions between backlog and theme?

emragins 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 1
I'm a little confused by themes since I love the idea of "one backlog to rule them all".  So in that sense, I would be inclined to separate my "projects" into "themes", but it looks like then they should be prioritize by theme rather than story.  However, it is not at all unusual for my top 2-3 stories to have completely different themes, which leaves me unsure how the tool is recommended to be used -- surely I'm not alone.


Empty sprint tab

bdobmann 8 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 8 years ago 3
When I delete the last user story of a sprint in the backlog tab and then go back to the sprint tab. Now I only get an empty page (without the display of the unassinged storys).

I believe we have now fixed this issue.

Would you mind telling me if it works OK for you?

Thanks for the feedback and telling us of this problem.

Under review

Different resource rates in same backlog

Ed Parslow 9 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 9 years ago 0
A possible requirement might be to allow for different cost brackets on the same backlog (e.g. back & front end devs, maybe even designers). To maintain some simplicity we could still separate out by theme, so each theme has a fixed cost associated to it.
I don't think we'll add this at this stage.  I understand the need for this, but it will certainly add a lot of complexity when we're actually trying to simplify things.  I'll keep this under review though and if other people feel this is needed, then we may well add this feature in future updates.
Under review

Being expected to create themes before user stories seems counter-intuitive. I don't know what themes I want when I have just started, I just want to add user stories that I know about already.

Gary Lester 8 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 8 years ago 2
Allow me to add stories first and then associate themes with them, not themes first.
Hi Gary

Whilst I can appreciate that you don't necessarily think in themes at first, the entire interface revolves around the fact that you associate stories with themes at the outset.  

Could you not just add a theme called General and file all stories under that, and later on move them into the themes you set up?

Also, as a work around solution on our side, if we added an Add story button that is visible when you first set up a backlog (right now that does not appear until a theme is created), would you be happy for that Add story button to simply set up a generic theme and add the first story into that?  Would that suffice?


Add key event comments, that show in the stats when you hover on the graph

Wocketfast 5 years ago 0
Simple piece of data just

  • Date
  • Comment - free text
Comments could be "Meeting with client to review progress" or "User approved testing session", "feedback from release version 1.x"


To be shown as a milestone indicator on the burn up graph, so you can see the comment when you hover over it.

Basically the events that caused another batch of stories to be added to the backlog.
This would add a commentary to the burn up chart to answer the question "why is this chart going up?"

Anyone who cad add stories to the backlog.
Under review

Allow comments/replies on user stories

Mário Melo 8 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 8 years ago 4
It would be nice if the comments on user stories were threads of discussion. This would allow teams that work at distance to improve collaboration over sprint itens, specially those where someone is stuck. It also would help to keep a history of the decisions made to solve the problems encountered.
Thanks for the suggestion.

To be honest, when we designed the product we intentionally did not intend for the product to be a collaboration tool.  We felt that when implementing agile, one to one communications and people over systems is where the focus should lie.  easyBacklog is meant for scrum masters and product owners, not for the agile team themselves.  Thus we provide all the tools a scrum master / product owner would need, setting up backlogs, assign stories to sprints (after or during the planning meeting), reporting on project progress as opposed to sprint progress which should really be done on a board shared with the team.

We'll certainly consider this for future versions should it become apparent that lots of people need this functionality, but for now unfortunately, we are going to have to leave this request under review.

Thanks again for the feedback.