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sorting of userstory

Roger Stich 12 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 12 years ago 2

actually i tried to move multiple storys between sprints.
To achieve this i was in the sprint view in my sprint 36.
I took a story and removed it from that sprint.
Then i switched to sprint 35 and tried to add the story.

What happens was that this Story was somewhere in the list of all user stories. Not at the top but somewhere inbetween.
I started to search for that story which is annoying especially when i know that i had to do this for 5 more storys.
I found out that you sort the storys per Theme, and this particular story was somewhere in the middle.

im not sure how to solve that really well. Solutions which sounds well for me are:
- make it possible to move storys between sprints even in sprint view.
- make it possible to move multiple storys between sprints even in sprint view.
- make it possible to search for storys in sprint view (search in unassigned storys) searching for Story ID would be enough for me.

Just a few rough ideas




Hi Roger

We did actually consider the idea of letting you drag a story directly onto a sprint tab, thus allowing you to move stories directly between sprints.  Do you think that would be a) useful, and b) obvious to users.  My gut feeling tells me that it would fail on b)

I agree search would be useful here, we will see if we can add a simple keyword filter.



Add South African locale (ZAR)

Danny Kopping 13 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 13 years ago 5
Don't leave the starving Africans out :)
Our currency (Rand) is represented by the code "ZAR" and the symbol is "R"

For example, "R10"
Ok Danny, no problem, I will add that in.  It's the least I could considering I was born there!
Under review

"Move to top" feature for backlog grooming

Bryan P 10 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 10 years ago 1
Drag and drop is slow and makes it unweidly to manage larger backlogs. Ideally we'd like to put the highest priority items near the top, but doing so is prohibitively slow with large backlogs. A button or tool menu item to move a story to the top would greatly streamline the grooming process.
Under review

I want to insert multiple 'markers' or thick black lines in the Backlog (with label), so i can visually seperate groups of Stories (typically between sprints)

Jason Kaehler 12 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 12 years ago 0
its hard to tell where one sprint starts and the next begins when the Backlog gets 100+ stories in it.  Some kind of markers to seperate (and even "tuck away)' groups of Stories in Backlog would be great!
Hi Jason

Thanks for the feedback.

Themes are already visually separated by the grey total bars and the white space beneath each.   

We are considering adding a collapse story feature, which may help with your "tucking away" idea.

Unfortunately it's quite difficult to see exactly what we could to address your problem, however we have scheduled in a design review of the entire interface so we will take on board your feedback.



Under review

I would like to be able to collapse stories

Bryan Oakley 12 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 12 years ago 3
I want to be able to collapse stories into a single line. Another suggestion in this forum is asking for a name and/or title which would serve this purpose. However, adding a name and/or title adds to the complexity.

Here's what I suggest: allow me to highlight part of the story with simple markup, such as:

    "as a X I want a *graphical test runner* blah blah blah"
    "as a Y I want an *html report* blah blah blah

In the UI, everything between the asterisks becomes bolded, and there's a tool that collapses all my stories so that all I see are the bolded parts, one per line. For example, a collapses view would like like:

theme: improve tools
   graphical test runner
   html report
   syntax checker

Hi Bryan

Thanks for the feedback.

Whilst I like your solution, I think it adds a level of complexity that would require training / explanation for users which we're trying to avoid.

As an alternative, assuming you collapsed a story, and all the criteria and comments were hidden, and the user story part was changed to remove all line breaks and shown in the format "As a XXX, I want to YYY, So I can ZZZ", would that achieve what you are after?

Also, assuming you collapsed a story, would you expect the backlog to remember which stories were collapsed when you return to the backlog, or would it be sufficient that these collapses are remembered only for the session you are in?  The latter way is how theme collapsing currently works.


Group Users by Company

Joshua Pekera 11 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 11 years ago 0

As an Admin 

I want to assign users to a company

So I can view all users and see what company they are with


Hi Joshua

Can you be a bit more explicit about what you are expecting to see please, and what the problem is?



Refresh Backlog

Roger Stich 12 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 12 years ago 0
Hi again,

if you do the following steps:

- take any userstorie and assign it to an sprint of your choice
- filter the backlog for stories not assigned to a sprint
- go to sprint view and remove the storie from the sprint there
- go back to the filtered backlog view.

The userstory is not visible because the backlog doesnt refresh even if its changed through myself.

my suggestion is to give the user an button for refreshing the backlog.
Or maybe some message?

Sure u have F5 but you have to know that you have to refresh.

Maybe another solution, i just think that you have to rethink the current caching mechanism, its drawbacks from a user point of view.
Hi Roger

This is now fixed, any updates to your sprint or stories are replicated in realtime to your filtered list.

Please shout if you spot any issues with this.

Under review

Sprint name & rename!

Layne Sadler 9 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 9 years ago 1
Hey there! Love your product! Way simpler than JIRA.

I did not see an easy way to name sprints. This is the most fun part of agile!

  • As a user I would like to give a sprint a name when creating and editing sprint settings
  • As a user I would like to be able to see and quickly edit sprint names on the tabs

My teams do different themes like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Movies. Usually you go in alphabetical order. First sprint = Avengers, Second Sprint = Batman Beyond, etc.

Can you explain the recommended distinctions between backlog and theme?

emragins 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 1
I'm a little confused by themes since I love the idea of "one backlog to rule them all".  So in that sense, I would be inclined to separate my "projects" into "themes", but it looks like then they should be prioritize by theme rather than story.  However, it is not at all unusual for my top 2-3 stories to have completely different themes, which leaves me unsure how the tool is recommended to be used -- surely I'm not alone.


Empty sprint tab

bdobmann 12 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 12 years ago 3
When I delete the last user story of a sprint in the backlog tab and then go back to the sprint tab. Now I only get an empty page (without the display of the unassinged storys).

I believe we have now fixed this issue.

Would you mind telling me if it works OK for you?

Thanks for the feedback and telling us of this problem.