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Initial screen is too cluttered.

Taylor Gautier 12 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 12 years ago 3
 I propose removing a lot of unnecessary buttons, for example make [edit] only on hover.

In the story, I don't see the reason for lines - I would prefer that the story run together as a real story would and remove the artifical lines.  Love the edit capabilities for each section of the story that are hidden and not cluttered.

In the left most part of the story, why is there a cursor icon if I can click and drag to move around anywhere in the story?  

Generally, the whole "ID" column adds a significant amount of UX noise that I would consider figuring out how to suppress until needed.  As well, I doubt that looking at a high level summary I need acceptance criteria or comments.  I probably need story points and effort estimates and that's about it.
Hi Michael

We've just done a major revamp to the story and theme management interface, and I think we've addressed pretty much all of your comments now.
  • Story and theme menu actions are found under a single tools icon simplifying the interface and removing clutter.
  • You can collapse themes now.
  • The lines between the user story field have been removed
  • [Edit] is now almost invisible and comes alive on roll over
Shout if you have any further suggestions.

Thanks for the feedback.

Under review

calculation not correct with filtering

Roger Stich 12 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 12 years ago 2

i wasnt sure if this is considered bug or a new feature so i say "its not a Bug its a feature" for you ;)

Let me explain:
i have configured the costs in my Backlog.
Now i have a theme with 2 storys.
1 story planned in a sprint and the other story isnt.
The first story has Storypoints and costs (which are correct)
The second Story has no Storypoints currently.

I get correct costs for that theme intially.
But if i start to filter for storys not planned in a sprint, i see the second story without SP and without costs. But the summary is still the costs for all storys and not for the filtered value.

The UseCase i want to achieve is that i want to know which storys are currently not planned and how much money do i still have to invest to get that things done.

Another UseCase might be to see the Story which are planned and the Money behind that.

I know u are working on the filtering, so maybe its a good time to rethink the money calculations.

Backlog ID is 4296 if u want to take a look. The Theme im Talking about is the first Theme (BKM).
I understand what you are after, you're basically saying the totals should only show the totals for what's visible, and everything else should be ignored.  We did think about this, but it's a double edged sword.  If we did that, people could get confused as their backlog total will be changing constantly.  Saying that, I will take on board what you're saying in our planning sessions for the new filtering features.  We'll keep you posted in this thread.
Under review

PL diacritics chars are missing in exported PDF

Jacek Niewęgłowski 11 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 11 years ago 2
When I add an User Strory containing PL diacritic characters and decide to print it to PDF (via "Print option"), there are are no PL chars inside of PDF. In places of these characters underscore char is displayed.

In account setting I have chosen Poland/Polish as language settings


Sorry to hear that.  Can you send me the backlog ID so I can investigate?  The ID is in the URL at the top after /backlogs/[the ID]



Support for the Swiss-French locale (ch-fr) for dates and numbers (prices in CHF)

Stefan 11 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 11 years ago 10

In Edit account, supported language settings (locales) do not include "Swiss-French" (ch-fr):

As a user

I want to display estimates in the swiss francs (CHF) currency

so that I show them to my team and customers


a) A number should appear as "1'000 Fr." (note the space between the number and the currency string)

b) If for some case a decimal is required, the number would appear as "1'000.25 Fr."

c) International currency code "CHF" is also acceptable (instead of "Fr.")



Support for Swiss-French has now been added.

Please can you review and tell me if this meets your requirements?


Under review

I would really like to be able to edit stories and their acceptance criteria when in the sprint view mode.

Ephrat Bitton 12 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 12 years ago 2
I always have to go back to the backlog when I want to edit a story from this view, which is quite time-consuming and frustrating! Would be nice to be able to edit them directly from the sprint page.
Thanks for the suggestion.

To achieve this, I think we'd probably need to pop up a dialog of some sort with all the fields editable as the Sprint view does not lend itself well to editing as a lot of the fields are not visible.

We will consider this and see if we can find a solution.

Under review

Hide theme when all stories within that theme are hidden

Stefan 11 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 10 years ago 2

When filtering out stories, I would like the theme to also disappear if all stories within that theme are hidden. This would give a much clearer view of what's left to work on.

Since it's not yet possible to prioritize stories independently from themes, we keep the themes small. The side effect is that we get a lot of themes and once all stories in the top themes are done, you still have an "empty shell" when you hide the complete stories.


Hi Stefan

Interesting idea, and certainly quite achievable technically, however I would have some concerns about some usability issue because there would be no easy way for a user to know that the them exists whilst working in a filtered view.  Perhaps once we support viewing the backlog without grouping by theme, this would effectively solve this problem anyway?  What do you think?



Please add colour blind option.

CMJ 7 years ago 0

Hello! It would be great if there is a colourblind option for the colours (for example, each colour will also have unique pattern) as I am using colours to represent MoSCoW (prioritising Must, Should, Could and Won't) scheme and it is impossible for the colourblind member of the team to tell the difference.

Thanks :)


Capability to breakdown User stories into tasks

Leopoldo 8 years ago 0

In projects under agile, its important the project team have access to user stories to estimate the effort for each user story so PM/ scrum master can calculate team velocity and for that its necessary to break down user stories into tasks.

At work we used Rally, great tool for agile projects but I'm looking for an alternative tool that allow me to do something similar for my personal projects.


task support

Ruben 8 years ago 0


The product is very powerfull.

However I only mis the option to add tasks to a user story.

Every task has its own story point. Sum of all tasks is story point for user story.

If this is implemented I can use this beautiful crafted tool.


Is there a way to hide the stories that are completed/accepted?

Adrian 8 years ago 0

I would like to "clean" the product backlog" of stories that are completed and only display them when I want to see them.