Jira Integration

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Greenhopper is good, but this is much better for organising the backlog!
As a Product Owner, I WOULD LOVE to be able to get my backlog organised and syncd with Jira development tasks.
Hi Robbie

Thanks for the feedback.  When you say synced, this can be done in many different ways.  Can you explain what you mean by this?  What is the flow of data and for what purpose?  If I can understand a lit more about how you envisage this working, then I can see what we can do to accomodate this.

So my challenge is organising 8 developers and a backlog that grows by 30 requirements a day (ish). I have to design and cost them which is so much easier in EasyBacklog...but, then they get put into Jira where the work is implemented. I need to see what

 - the new estimates are

 - what has been done and how long it took

 - when a task has been completed (ideally including sub tasks)

 - If the work has been put into a sprint or moved between sprints

So that i can manage the expectations of the clients -

Also, at the risk of ballooning my story, importing requirements from spreadsheets is absolutely critical - I have 500 i need to import immediately!

Hi Robbie

Ok, I am surprised, I thought the flow of information would have been the other way round, from Jira to easyBacklog.  Interesting to hear your use case.

So just to be clear, you are saying that requirements come from various sources, and you add them to easyBacklog and cost them.  When they are ready to be put into a sprint, that is when you assign to Jira, and right now you have duplicate work to do because you have to manually enter the stories into Jira?  Are you managing your sprints in Jira then and not using easyBacklog sprint functionality?

Other than pushing a story from easyBacklog into Jira, how would you envisage any information being reported on from easyBacklog.  Surely you would use Jira to report on progress if that is where you are putting the wor?

In regards to your import, see http://easybacklog.userecho.com/topic/96806-as-a-user-i-want-a-bulk-upload-facility-so-that-i-can-import-user-stories-from-a-spreadsheet/.  This is a daunting task.  What format is your data currently in?  Perhaps I can help write an import script for now until we have a better solution in place.
I'm happy to explore other methodologies, but jira talks to our IDE, our test processes and is fully integrated including source control so using something else for actual sprint work is tricky (we also put cards up for progress at the moment for visibility). But, I have to tentatively schedule work up to 6 months in advance, so I have placeholders for sprints that then get refined as we close on a date. This does not have to be in jira.

Reporting is tricky as things will bounce out of one sprint and into another, so there will have to be a rec one way or the other but perhaps I can get the scrum master to maintain easy backlog rather than the alternative, them my placeholder sprints won't matter.

Re import, the way to simplify this is to provide a template that users can download and make them work out of that. Excel is easy, it's getting the data into the system that I need help with.

Are you based in London? Do you want to come and see our process for yourself? You may be able to appreciate the challenge better. The best way to describe it would be a product development company with an agency bolted on top.
Hi Robbie, sorry for the slow reply, I missed your response somehow.

I sort of understand about your requirement for JIRA, and it's certainly something we will consider.  I think you're right, I need to actually see how you use JIRA and your other tools to see if we can build something that is generic and will work for most of our customers.  I am always concerned about building something that is specific to one customer that in fact is a hinderance to most of our other customers, we have to carefully maintain that balance.

I am based in London, but I have just moved to France for 6 months, so I am based here for now.  However, I intend to pass through London at least once a month, so perhaps I could drop you a line when I am in London next and we could meet to run through all of this.  Alternatively, I could get one of my colleagues to pop over.  Where are you based?

BTW. In terms of import, I think you're right, if we at least provided a template that people could use for importing their backlogs, then that would be a good first step.  I'll push that up the list in our backlog.
I would also like this feature, but honestly I haven't used JIRA much yet (my dev team has recently adopted it) so I don't have any real ideas about how I want it to work :-)