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allow to color all stories in a sprint

Michael Terkowski 12 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 12 years ago 4
As a product owner I want to be able to differnitate between stories in the sprint and other backlog stories, so I know what is being worked on while I am grooming the backlog.

Couple of ideas: create a filter that colors all stories in progress, or have "change color" icons in the sprint tab (for a single or all stories in that sprint)

Hi Michael

I thought it was obvious which stories are assigned to a sprint based on the lozenges that are attached to each story.  See the screen shot below that shows stories that are assigned to sprints.

Is that not what you are after?
Hi Michael

Just checking in on this request.  Do you feel we've addressed your question or am I missing something?

I think it would be nice to be able to change colors of stories in the sprint planning window, other than that your solution works fine.
Hi Michael

We are reluctant to add more icons / content into the sprint view as it's already quite crowded.  However, we have been considering adding a dialog pop up so that you can edit a story in place.  So we'd add one simple edit icon, and then allow you to edit any fields including the colour of a story.  Do you think that would solve your problem knowing that it would require 3 clicks (one to edit, one to change the colour, one to save changes)?