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Hi Michael

We can certainly see why a consistent story ID would be useful. We'll consider that.


You can provide links to assets that you host on whichever image hosting service you prefer, such as Dropbox

It's a nice idea, but Basecamp many years ago abandoned that approach due to the complexity of problems with 3rd party FTP servers, and also the fact that FTP is dying in terms of use these days.

I suspect you have only been given read writes to the account you are connected to. You will have to contact the account owner or any admin of your account to provide you with necessary privileges unfortunately.

Good suggestion, we'll definitely consider it for our backlog

Ok, thanks for the explanation. We'll certainly consider that requirement in our backlog.

Good idea, but why not just write that into the criteria yourself?

Sorry to hear that, but fortunately you can fix it. Go to the sprint, then click on settings, and change the status back


Thanks for the note, we'll try and update it soon.