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Michael Worobcuk 8 years ago updated by Michael Wegmüller 2 years ago 5
I am new to this site. easyBacklog does look very good to me, and seemd to be the solution that I need, However, I cannot open the .xls file that comes with the export. I am using libre office I also tried on google docs.
What I am trieing to achive, is that I want a complete list of backlog items I can then print and put in my teamroom, so that everybody can see the backlog.
Same issue here, I am using Numbers 3.5.2
I've also had an issue opening xls exports in libre office calc I get a "General Error.
General input/output error" dialog and the export does not display. I had a poke around in the xls file (which is just xml) in a text editor and found in my export the following types of Cell elements were causing the problem:

<Cell ss:Index='2' ss:StyleID=&#x27;story-color-0&#x27;>

I did a search and replace in the file, replacing &#x27; with ' so that you get:

<Cell ss:Index='2' ss:StyleID='story-color-0'>

I could then open and view the file in libre office. Looks like an encoding issue with the export function.

Also noticed that some of the text was not rendering. The solution to this was to find and replace all the font tags.
<Font html:Color="#999999" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40">
and replace with nothing. Not sure if this is a libre office limitation.
Under review
Unfortunately the platform is built in Ruby, and the only libraries we could find to export to Excel use this mock-Excel format which is actually XML under the hood. As such, non MS programs opening the Excel documents sometimes fail. We will see what we can do. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Seems like there is still no solution. What a pitty. I tried with Numbers and Google Sheets Upload.