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Increase size of assigning color CTA (Call To Action)

Weener 4 years ago • updated by Bernd Liebermann 3 years ago 4
The button for assigning a color is, in my opinion, a lot smaller than it needs to be, making it fiddly to select. Can this be increased in size to make selecting a color for a story much easier
Under review
Ok ,thanks for the feedback, we'll consider that.
I'm experiencing the same issue in Chrome - the color menu doesn't open reliably. I have to click repeatedly on the CTA until it opens, clicking again on the exact same sport seconds later does not open the menu. It's so frustrating that I've switched to Firefox meanwhile, where it works as expected. Yet, a colleague, who uses Chrome, too, doesn't have this problem. Maybe it is related to a Chrome extension or setting?
Sorry about that, we'll look at this issue too.
Now I know what was causing the issue: I had set page zoom to 110% in chrome. At 100% everything works as expected.