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Michael Terkowski 11 years ago updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 10 years ago 17
make it easy for a project owner to invite "users" for his scrum project, and to give them access (view, update, own) to only specific projects.


This feature was introduced 4 months ago.
Hi Michael

Have you seen that you can invite users by going to the Account Users link in the top right and inviting people to your account.  Is this what you are after?  If not, can you explain what you are trying to do and I'll see what we can do to help.

HI Matt,

I am thinking of the following:
- being able to add users only to one specific backlog rather then the whole account
- add "view only" users, so that if team members want to view more data than what  is available in the printed cards, or see the whole backlog or future sprint planning.
Thanks for the reply Michael.

What we have planned is to add the ability to add users with read/write access, but only on either an account level, or on a company level.  The few people we have spoken to have said that normally they only need granular access to the level of company.  Do you use the company feature and assign backlogs by company?  Would that level be sufficient, or do you really need it down to backlog level.

The only reason we are reluctant to do permissions at a backlog level is that it just complicates the interface a bit more, and we're trying to keep things as simple as possible.

Hi Matt,

In our case, we only use Scrum for internal Tagged projects, not for external clients, hence granual company access doesn't make sense to use because we are all in the same company.

What we really could use is the ability to allow read only or read-write access, to invitees, for a specific project (kinda like pivotaltracker.com does). so that we can invite reviewers to join on a specific backlog, and they shouldn't be able to view other backlogs.

Ok, thanks for clearing that up.  I think it's back to the drawing board for us in terms of how we do user management, which is now admittedly a bigger task, but one that we need to get right.  I will work on a solution, but unfortunately based on the current backlog, I don't see us being able to address this one until Feb now :(
This is a really interesting thing. Maybe, if we rename "company" to "group" and allow multiple groups to be associated with a backlog...

This way you can associate users to groups (aka. company) and have predefined sets of users that can participate on a backlog.

A group could be a company such as "Google", "Yahoo" or a group of users that share the same role "Supervisors", "Admin", etc.
Hi Mario

Yes, I will take all of that on board.  My primary concern though is that adding group, account and individual backlog rights introduces complexity for users, and we are trying to keep things "easy".  We'll be exploring some ideas over the coming weeks and will introduce something hopefully in Feb.  I'll keep you posted and hope we can build something that works for everyone's needs without too much complexity.

I understand that, Matthew. I think that the "group" concept is wide enough to comprehend the "account" and "individual" backlog rights. It is simple enough to create an "one-man group" and it is also simple to create an "everyone's group".

I just had this very same problem on one application I developed and this approach saved me a lot of time and also the users were happy with that.
Unfortunately from the feedback we have had from numerous people, it appears that a lot of people simply want to control access to each backlog as well as on a group level, so we're going to need to find a flexible solution.  Thanks for the feedback, we'll be focussing on finding a solution shortly.
Hi Matt,

Just wanted to add that giving a "read-only" view of the backlog is quickly becoming a top request of our scrum team members, since the teams want to get an idea of what the backlog actually is, even if only the PO and SM actually use the product.

Fortunately this is our top priority now too.

We should have a solution very shortly.

This feature was introduced 4 months ago.

What is the status of this feature. This would be huge. I have established EB as the primary tool we are using at our agency for high level requirements gathering. We eventually turn those high level requirements into functional requirements and content requirements and assign to sprints. We have several clients that we want to have read only access, but not allow them to see other backlogs that are for other clients. We would pay for a feature like that.

This feature is implemented.  You can assign any number of permissions at an account, company or backlog level.  Go to Backlog settings, Company Settings or Account settings to modify the access controls.


I am new to easybacklog, I have invited few users for one of the backlog but they didnt received invite?

Sorry Mayuresh, we are aware of the issue and fixing it now.

Hi Mayuresh

Can you try and send the invites again?  We have also added a resend invite link which should help with resending these invites.  Apologies for the inconvenience, there was a server fault on our end.


Thanks a lot Matt, thanks very much;  This is working now .:)