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Using formats other than As a....

Colm O'hEocha 3 years ago • updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 3 years ago 1
User Stories are about telling stories of how the system will be used, how it will add value - its the telling and conversation thats important, not the writing. This tool seems to force the 'As a <role>' type format on the description - would be great if this could be changed to free format to suit situations where this format isn't applicable/desired. Not everything on a product backlog can best be described in terms of a user story (e.g. we need to upgrade to the latest database before the vendor stops supporting our old version...).
Love the simplicity and speed of this tool - the first I've come across that can be used in a group setting without slowing everything down...
Under review
This is a planned feature, so we'll update you when it's available.