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Naming Sprints

Mike Pearce 12 year бұрын updated by Matthew O'Riordan (Founder) 11 year бұрын 2

We don't use Sprint 1, Sprint 2... Our sprints have names, which are based around a theme. So, one team has a release theme of 'Wonders of the world', so each sprint is named after a world wonder, another has a Release named after a Rick James album, so each sprint is titled after a song from the album. Being able to call a sprint 'The Great Pyramids' or 'Love Interlude' means more to the team, PO, stakeholders and business than 'Sprint 1/2/3' does.

I'm sure this is a 'nice to have', but I thought I'd throw it in the mix for the next Fedex day. ;)

Hi Mike

We would consider adding sprint names, however there are some practical issues that would need to be considered.  Your comments and thoughts on the below will help guide us to finding a solution if there is one that will work for our users:

* If we add this field, it obviously means for users who don't use sprint names they have an extra field to consider.  We'll think about how best to deal with this from a UI perspective, perhaps sprint name is auto-filled based on the number, and you can simply change it if you want.
* The tabs for sprints will probably have to remain as Sprint 1, 2, 3 etc. however when you roll over them perhaps we could show the full name, and when you view the sprint itself we could show you the name.
* In reports, we could possibly show the sprint name, but once again may have to revert to sprint IDs and have the full name on roll over.
* In the backlog view, there is no way we have more space for the sprint tabs to contain the full sprint name.  As such, we'd again have to have the full name available on roll over.

Your thoughts appreciated.


I agree with your first option, autofill to 1, 2, 3, etc. and let us change it if we'd like. Otherwise, the second option you list is the next best idea.