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I'm happy to explore other methodologies, but jira talks to our IDE, our test processes and is fully integrated including source control so using something else for actual sprint work is tricky (we also put cards up for progress at the moment for visibility). But, I have to tentatively schedule work up to 6 months in advance, so I have placeholders for sprints that then get refined as we close on a date. This does not have to be in jira.

Reporting is tricky as things will bounce out of one sprint and into another, so there will have to be a rec one way or the other but perhaps I can get the scrum master to maintain easy backlog rather than the alternative, them my placeholder sprints won't matter.

Re import, the way to simplify this is to provide a template that users can download and make them work out of that. Excel is easy, it's getting the data into the system that I need help with.

Are you based in London? Do you want to come and see our process for yourself? You may be able to appreciate the challenge better. The best way to describe it would be a product development company with an agency bolted on top.
So my challenge is organising 8 developers and a backlog that grows by 30 requirements a day (ish). I have to design and cost them which is so much easier in EasyBacklog...but, then they get put into Jira where the work is implemented. I need to see what

 - the new estimates are

 - what has been done and how long it took

 - when a task has been completed (ideally including sub tasks)

 - If the work has been put into a sprint or moved between sprints

So that i can manage the expectations of the clients -

Also, at the risk of ballooning my story, importing requirements from spreadsheets is absolutely critical - I have 500 i need to import immediately!