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My main desire is to keep things simple. They might be really smart ideas but I don't actually need a calculation based on impact and priority or many different filters or ways to order my backlog alphabetically.

I only want to see what's next - both from a themes point of view and a user story point of view. Drag and drop would be my method of choice so I don't have to fiddle with number sequences (the field if needed for implementation could be invisible). 
I hope this is helpful ...

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Hi Matt, 

  • I initially order stories  during release planning: I often plan a minimum viable product release first and then a series of other releases later. Our releases or "waves" are between 1 and 3 months. As an example in our last project the first release included registration through the existing text interface and a number of other features. Release 2 included some more features and improved registration where the user didn't have to leave the app. It's both the registration theme but release 1 contains bare bones while the theme is improved in release 2. 
  • A priority field might work  although I always find it difficult to remember other stories' priorities when what I really want it just a ranked backlog. 
  • I'd love to be able to toggle two backlog views: by theme and by release