Your comments

Hi Matt,
Thank you for considering my request as well. To answer your questions;

  1. Do you expect developers / scrum team members to be using this tool directly then, or will only your scrum masters / product owners/ PMs be using easyBacklog?- Definately we will get developers to use this tool. I am looking at one stop tool for everybody (POs, SMs, developers, etc.). In order to do that the only thing I see missing is the ability enter tech tasks by developers as I mentioned
  2. Do you need estimation for tasks? - Yes but for me this would be a nice to have feature
  3. Do you need to maintain progress of both tasks and stories on your Kanban board? - Yes but it would depend on how you would design this Kanban board. In my eyes, I would see this Kanban board as an extension to the Sprint board. Therefore I would be connecting each task against an User Story in the sprint. Then I would like to keep a track of whether a task is done or not
  4. Who would be updating the status of the items on your task board? - Developers
  5. Do you need to indicate who is looking after each task, or story, or both? - Definitely but most importantly anybody should be able to take any task (I want to move away from traditional concept of PM assigning tasks. Therefore the tasks should be freely assignable to anybody)
  6. At what point do you create tasks, is it at the point you assign stories to sprints, or sometime after? - In the first part of the sprint planning meeting (I am referring to Scrum Guide), the team would assign stories to the sprint based on their velocity and story points. In the second part of the sprint planning meeting, the team would divide the assigned stories in to technical tasks. Hope I am clear
  7. Do you have remote workers?  Why do you not simply use a physical board for your stories and cards? - 50% of the time we do have remote workers. But the reason to request this feature is not that. We are currently using physical boards and sticky notes. But the main disadvantage with the physical board (at least this is what we felt) is that it felt little messy if you have more than 5 developers. Very difficult to find who is working on what, etc. There are many other disadvantages like, it is very difficult for the technical leadership to track who is working on what tech tasks, unless they inspect each and every physical board. Hope it is clear but if you want I can share many other comments on this :)